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Simplify your sports scoring with easy to use PC scoreboards. Specialized versions for most sports and general versions for other sports.

Download our software scoreboards to turn your Windows PC into a virtual scoreboard. Our scoreboards are shareware so that you can download and try them for free before purchasing. For uninterrupted use, we ask that you purchase a USB license key through our website.

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The new scoreboard certainly looks "a picture" and even gained some new sponsors on the first day of operation.

The ease of use with scores, auto timekeeping plus the additional ability to run sponsor information, DVD's and even live television throughout match day is just perfect.

Clarity of pictures is as good as. Some spectators even commented that they missed the game as they were watching the scoreboard. It's like a giant TV in your backyard.

And our 12 year old scoreboard attendant runs it like a pro.

A loss of data on Sunday afternoon was easily fixed at our end via a telephone call to you, Pre and now after sales service is greatly appreciated.

If you want an MCG style scoreboard go to

Peter Wishart
Heathmont Football Club


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