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We are proud to be working with local sporting clubs supplying top quality L.E.D screens for scoring and advertising solutions. Our screens are the latest technology at an affordable price.
Our aim is to offer local sporting organizations the opportunity to expand their revenue base into the future through low cost high impact digital scoreboards. Offer your sponsor the opportunity to be the major goal sponsor for example. Every time a goal is scored every spectator will look at the scoreboard and be reminded of that sponsor's brand.

Give your players the notoriety they deserve by presenting their photo and details on the big screen when they run out! Advertise your player sponsors on the screen along with the player details.

Our software is simple to use catering for the reality that very often the timekeeper will be thrown in having never done timekeeping before. Not a problem with aussiescoreboard software. The game times are easily changed and the system will take care of the game time. Press play at the start of each quarter and let the system keep track of game time. Time on or not is easily set at the control screen making it quick and simple to alternate between time on and not. Stop time on automatically when a score is added. Touch key start stop of time keeper's clock when time on is required.

Let us show you how easily you can add this up to the minute technology at your sporting club. Finance options available and hire/buy possibilities also. Talk to us today about how you can make this super addition to your beloved club. Be among the first clubs to showcase your profile as a leading force into the future. Electronic scoreboards made easy at aussiescoreboards.com aussie rules scoreboards that stand out to the crowd and electronic signs that allow your advertisers to shine. Give your club an edge with a scoreboard screen that enables your sporting club to showcase all sports whether it be aussie sports or international sports the versatility of full colour large screen scoreboard/advertising screens can be used like a large screen TV to display any images or video that you need along with any sports scoreboard that you require. For all your electronic scoreboard L.E.D Screen, advertising screen and aussie rules scoreboard needs give us a call at aussiescoreboards.com today.


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