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Interactive PC Scoreboards and Display Screens

Aussie Scoreboards provides software scoreboards for scorekeeping games, along with high quality L.E.D display screens for displaying score information, sponsor messages, and more at a venue.

Exciting News!

Latest addition to Australian Rules Football Scoreboard

Help your club stand out by showing your own videos on the scoreboard. Easily switch between scores and videos with a simple push of the button.

Simply go into options/media settings and select change to load your video file path. Then simply select the corresponding video button on control screen to play your video.

Download and try out this new feature today for your next game!

To purchase, see details. To upgrade, contact us.


Software Scoreboards

Turn any computer into a professional scoreboard with our easy to use software scoreboards. Simply install our software, connect a display, and any user can be scoring in minutes. Our scoreboards are highly customizable and simple to use.


Display Screens

Add a full color LED screen to your venue. Our displays are available for hire or purchase. They're great for score display and showing sponsor messages.

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